app/locale/My_Language is right there, but 80% of front-end displays in English.

My_Langage is set up in Back End though.

I guess back end needs more tweaking. Any leads?

  • Which language? – Dominic Xigen Jun 19 at 18:52
  • Please check with below url, which is provide step by step to setup your own language via admin configuration. support.weltpixel.com/hc/en-us/articles/… – Anas Mansuri Jun 20 at 5:39
  • it's arabic. edit: works 95% now. But still 5% missing. example: 'Your cart is empty' is in english. – mat Jun 20 at 10:36

1- You need to create a new store view and set the desired translation to this store view.
2- Set Locale Option of Store View.
3- Configure language for CMS pages and static blocks.

Be sure to clear the cache before trying to use your new language.
For more detail, follow these links:


Hope this helps.

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