My Magento 2 is link to the MCOM (Magento Commerce Order Management). Currently, I can syncronize orders status between both.

Now, I would like to syncronize return :

If a user want to make a return, he'll call the customer service which will create the return in the MCOM. Then, the MCOM send the return to Magento 2 to create it when I syncronize both.

Presently, I can create RMA in MCOM, but I didn't succeed to syncronize MCOM with Magento to create return in Magento 2. I try to use the same command I used for syncronize orders : php bin/magento oms:orders:sync, without success.

Did you have any idea about how to do that?

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If that can help someone, here some resolution tips :

  • Run cron (bin/magento cron:run)
  • Correctly configure RabbitMQ
  • Manually retry failed topic in MCOM > Message Log
  • See logs (connector.log, mcom-connector.log, exception.log)

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