My Magento Store that I have taken over my another dev is currently displaying a high Time to First Byte (TTFB) of around 1s. I'm aware that lots more goes into this number that SQL queries alone, however after running the Magento SQL profiler it shows that when index.php loads around 350 SQL queries are executed, amounting to around 0.50 s in processing time.

I want to start optimizing this to improve the page load times. I have a relatively good understanding of MySQL but am new to Magento. Where should I go about looking to start tuning or removing/replacing some of these queries to try and improve page load times? Thanks!

  • Adam, Magento2 use complex architecture so, you have work to one by one module. Like check a query and find it relative module optimizes that module via class rewrite or create a plugin.I know it is very complex but you can try. There is a specific point to start optimize the query. – Amit Bera Jun 19 at 8:17

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