I would like to create a new field for category pages which I can use to override the default H1 on front-end.

Currently if have a category called 'Stuff', my breadcrumb is 'Stuff' and my H1 is 'Stuff'.

What I want is a category called 'Stuff', breadcrumb 'Stuff', and H1 'Magnificent Stuff at Great Prices!'.

So I believe I need a way to do the following:

  1. Create new 'Custom H1' field on Category pages in back-end
  2. If 'Custom H1' field not empty, replace default H1 with 'Custom H1'

I found this article, but it's for Magento 1. I need a M2 solution of this: https://www.designhaven.co.uk/2014/06/create-custom-category-attribute-to-override-category-h1-in-magento/

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