Hi I'm trying to cxreate an API test for my custom module and I'm getting this error:

Fatal error: Class 'Magento\TestFramework\TestCase\WebapiAbstract' not found in /var/www/html/app/code/Wakanda/QuoteApi/Test/Api/CustomerQuoteTest.php on line 8


namespace Wakanda\QuoteApi\Test\Api;

use Magento\TestFramework\TestCase\WebapiAbstract;
use Magento\Framework\Webapi\Rest\Request;

class CustomerQuoteTest extends WebapiAbstract
    public function testGetList()
        $serviceInfo = [
            'rest' => [
                'resourcePath' => '',
                'httpMethod' => Request::HTTP_METHOD_GET,

        $response = $this->_webApiCall($serviceInfo);

        $this->assertArrayHasKey('search_criteria', $response);
        $this->assertArrayHasKey('item', $response);

        $this->assertTrue($response['total_count'] > 0);
        $this->assertTrue(count($response['total_count']) > 0);


Any help will be appreciated

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Are you missing the dev folder?

In particular this file?


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    The file is there. Some of magento core tests are referencing it. I literally copied one of the tests and it still couldn't find it
    – Cedric M
    Jun 17, 2019 at 17:05

It seems like you're not using the phpunit config files located in dev/tests/api-functional.

If you want to execute the REST API functional tests, first copy the phpunit_rest.xml.dist to phpunit_rest.xml in the directory dev/tests/api-functional, then do the same for the install-config-mysql.php.dist (copy to install-config-mysql.php)

After that try executing the api functional tests from the integration tests folder:

cd dev/tests/integration
 ../../../vendor/bin/phpunit -c ../api-functional/phpunit_rest.xml

For me this was the solution. When I tried to execute phpunit_rest.xml directly from the API functional testing folder, I got this error.

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