I think I found a bug in how Magento 2 calculates shipping cost and I was wondering if anyone came across this issue and found a solution. Here's the breakdown:

Magento 2.3.1, default front end theme, with a Cart Price rule that gives free Shipping when subtotal price is higher than 2500 baht and shipping destination is in one of selected Provinces. Cart Price Rule configuration

Steps to reproduce error:

  1. Add products to cart to amount to 2500+ baht
  2. Check out, use/add shipping address in one of Provinces specified by Cart Price rule. (ie. Bangkok). Table shipping price displays 0 Baht.
  3. Continue with check out. On Review and Payments page click to Edit the shipping address.
  4. Change Province to another, not included in the Cart Price rule condition.
  5. Shipping Price should updates to price based on order total weight. Instead lowest shipping price set in a table is displayed (as if weight = 0kg).

If I disable the Cart Price rule, then the shipping calculates correctly.

Anyone else had issues with this?

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