I Want to check the user login status in mini cart and redirect the customer to the login page when click the proceed to checkout button in mini-cart.

How to edit the minicart.js file to achieve this?


'url': {
            'checkout': window.checkout.checkoutUrl,
            'update': window.checkout.updateItemQtyUrl,
            'remove': window.checkout.removeItemUrl,
            'loginUrl': window.checkout.customerLoginUrl,
            'isRedirectRequired': window.checkout.isRedirectRequired

How to use the if condition to check the user is logged or not logged? enter image description here

I want to forcefully redirect to the customer (registered or guest) to the login page and after logged mini cart proceeds to checkout, the button should redirect to the checkout page.


I did following changes to minicart.js

'Magento_Customer/js/model/customer',//Added this line
], function (Component, customerData, customer, $, ko, _) { //Passed argument customer
'use strict';

//checked the customer logged or not.
        var urls = window.checkout.checkoutUrl;
        var urls = window.checkout.customerLoginUrl;

esidebarInitialized = true;
        'targetElement': 'div.block.block-minicart',
        'url': {
            'checkout': urls,
            'update': window.checkout.updateItemQtyUrl,
            'remove': window.checkout.removeItemUrl,
            'loginUrl': window.checkout.customerLoginUrl,
            'isRedirectRequired': window.checkout.isRedirectRequired
................... rest of the code of the file

Unfortunately customer.isLoggedIn() this return always not logged. How to check a customer is logged or not logged?


There is two option

  1. Allow Guest Checkout is No

Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Checkout -> Checkout Option

Allow Guest Checkout = No

Otherwise customise to sidebar.js


line no 63

 events['click ' + this.options.button.checkout] = $.proxy(function () {
            var cart = customerData.get('cart'),
                customer = customerData.get('customer'),
                element = $(this.options.button.checkout);

            if (!customer().firstname && cart().isGuestCheckoutAllowed === false) {
                // set URL for redirect on successful login/registration. It's postprocessed on backend.
                $.cookie('login_redirect', this.options.url.checkout);

                if (this.options.url.isRedirectRequired) {
                    element.prop('disabled', true);
                    location.href = this.options.url.loginUrl;
                } else {

                return false;
            element.prop('disabled', true);
            location.href = this.options.url.checkout;
        }, this);
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