I have create a custom module for creating the orders report.Add Created Date TO 2 FROM Filter its working fine in English language .
like :enter image description here But when i change Interface Locale french : enter image description here

Then created Date TO 2 from filters not working properly : enter image description here

Please elaborate the issue.
i have add Created Date column

        $this->addColumn('created_at', ['header' => __('Created Date'), 'index' => 'created_at','type'=>'date','filter_index' => 'main_table.created_at']);

Usually date fields are stored in UTC timezone and showed on Grid by converting UTC to Store timezone.


Date in UTC - 2019-05-13 23:30:00 (Database Timezone)

Date in EST - 2019-05-13 19:30:00 (US Store Timezone)

Date in France - 2019-05-14 1:30:00 (France Store Timezone)

As you can see for the above record Date for US & UTC timezone remains same, but it changes for France since France is GMT+2, hence record created after 22:00 time goes to next date in France.

This could be issue with your module.

  • how can i resolve this issue ? – Hafiz Arslan Jun 10 at 13:05
  • i also have checked using next day date but still no record found. – Hafiz Arslan Jun 10 at 13:12

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