I want join from Table 1 -> Table 2 has id = custom_id

Then join from Table 2 -> Table 3 has Table2.id = Table3.id

And will get table1.id if eligible

My Table

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Ex : Table 1 -> Table 2

Table1.id = Table2.custom_id => choose two field

enter image description here

Table 2.id = Table3.id => choose one field

enter image description here

And get data Table 1

enter image description here


Well I don't understand your question as much, but from the title of the question I could answer you that. You want to join 3 tables and choose 2 columns of table2, 1 column from table3

So here: Assume the $collection is the resource model collection of the table 1.

We have

                ['table2' => $collection->getTable('table2')],
                'main_table.id = table2.custom_id',
                    'table2_id' => 'table2.id',
                    'table2_custom_id' => 'table2.custom_id'
                ['table3' => $collection->getTable('table3')],
                'table2.id = table3.id',
                    'table3_custom_field' => 'table3.custom_field'

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