How to display source or stock name and code on the product page? Where is information about a current stock or source name? Can I use the code from Sourceitem.php on the Product page?

     public function getSourceCode(): ?string
     return $this->getData(self::SOURCE_CODE);

Thanks in advance


You can use GetSourceItemBySku to get all SourceItem from product's sku. Then you can foreach the array and getSourceCode() from SourceItem.

Please check this path: /vendor/magento/module-inventory/Model/SourceItem/Command/GetSourceItemsBySku.php

After defined and declared GetSourceItemsBySkuInterface, just use it in your function.

$availableSourcesForProduct = $this->sourceItemsBySku->execute($sku);

Refer this file to know how to use it, /vendor/magento/module-inventory-grouped-product-admin-ui/Plugin/Catalog/Model/Product/Link/ProcessSourceItemsAfterSaveAssociatedLinks.php. Check function processSourceItemsForSku

Good luck!!!

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