public function getRules()
    $resoId = 'Mageants_AdvancedPermissions::catalog_attributes';
    $permission = 'allow';
    $rid = $this->_adminSession->getUser()->getRole()->getData('role_id');
    $resources = $this->_rulesCollectionFactory->create();
    $collection = $resources->addFieldToFilter('role_id', array('eq' => $rid))->addFieldToFilter('resource_id', array('eq' => $resoId))->addFieldToFilter('permission', array('eq' => $permission));
    return $collection;

All the roles save in

authorization_role table

and depending on role id rules will be set in

authorization_rule table

  • upload image in question @user80581 – Rutvee Sojitra Jun 7 at 6:17
  • it's your local path it not access by globally @user80581 – Rutvee Sojitra Jun 7 at 6:20
  • prnt.sc/nypcna – milan Jun 7 at 6:23
  • Yes this stores in authorization_role and authorization_rule tables which magento2's default tables @user80581 – Rutvee Sojitra Jun 7 at 6:25

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