Magento version is installed on the server. When I open the admin panel, site is working fine. But when I open the home page or any category page site keeps loading. It does not throw any error, not even timeout. After some time server load increases due to too many mysql processes. Most of the queries are like this.

Creating sort index | SELECT `main_table`.`entity_id`, main_table.`name`, main_table.`path`, `main_table`.`is_active`, `main_table`.`is_anchor`, `url_rewrite`.`request_path` FROM `catalog_category_flat_store_25` AS `main_table`
 LEFT JOIN `core_url_rewrite` AS `url_rewrite` ON url_rewrite.category_id=main_table.entity_id AND url_rewrite.is_system=1 AND url_rewrite.store_id = 25 AND url_rewrite.id_path LIKE 'category/%' WHERE (main_table.include_in_menu = '1') AND (main_table.is_active = '1') AND (main_table.path like '1/3/13/100/%') AND (`level` <= 4) ORDER BY `main_table`.`position` ASC

I took the sql backup from mysql server 5.6 and restored it in mysql 5.7. Is the issue related to change in mysql version ?

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