I have duplicate a simple product.

The original simple product has:

  • SKU: pld942

  • URL: pld942.html

after duplicate:

  • SKU: pld942-1

  • URL: pld942-1.html

I set in duplicate product:

  • enable
  • weight
  • qty
  • in stock
  • and then save and reindex

Still I not see this product. When I put url with duplicate product then 404 not found.

Any solution?

  • Can you see the duplicated product listed in a category?
    – SantiBM
    Jun 5, 2019 at 12:52

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Just as part of diagnosing the issue, I would advise starting by saving the duplicate product before making any changes. Then make changes. See if this changes anything.

On the frontend. I would advise adding the product to a category/and or searching for it, and seeing if it appears, just in case it's a URL rewrite issue.

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