maximum call stack size exceeded error

Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

at legacy-build.min.js:1
at legacy-build.min.js:1
at g.h [as _each] (legacy-build.min.js:1)
at g.e [as each] (legacy-build.min.js:1)
at g.h [as pluck] (legacy-build.min.js:1)
at g.r [as values] (legacy-build.min.js:1)
at g.serializeObject (grid.js:992)
at g.registerData (grid.js:927)
at g.registerData (grid.js:930)
at g.registerData (grid.js:930)

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I have same this issue and found the cause, I've post the fix here: Maximum call stack size exceeded in magento2

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