I am including the extension Ves MegaMenu in my theme in default.xml.
How can I wrap this within a container?

<referenceBlock name="page.wrapper">
    <block class="Ves\Megamenu\Block\Menu" name="catalog.topnav" after="header.container" template="Ves_Megamenu::topmenu.phtml">
            <argument name="alias" xsi:type="string">menu-top</argument> 

Thank you.

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you may try this

<container name="my.container" label="My Wrapper" htmlTag="div" htmlClass=""/> <!-- declare your new container-->           
<move element="catalog.topnav" destination="my.container"  after="page.wrapper"  /> <!-- move  your desire block to your new container-->

After that do cache refresh.

  • It doesn't seem to display when I use the above code. I actually have a container I can put it in "navigation.sections". I've tried the following but it doesn't display: <move element="catalog.topnav" destination="navigation.sections" after="-"/> Any ideas? Thanks Jun 5, 2019 at 11:42

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