I have installed PWA in magento root directory like magenotpwa231/pwa-studio/

PWA installed successfully but getting stuck Repository type is not registered: github while installing sample data.

I have copy deployVeniaSampleData.sh to magento root directory.

See below path:

magenotpwa231/pwa-studio/packages/venia-concept/deployVeniaSampleData.sh to magenotpwa231/deployVeniaSampleData.sh and then run the command bash deployVeniaSampleData.sh

See the below is the process of run command:

cmd: bash deployVeniaSampleData.sh

Please specify absolute path to your Magento 2 instance
Magento root folder: /var/www/html/magenotpwa231
Sample data will be installed there.

Are you sure you want to continue? [y/n]y
adding composer repository [email protected]:PMET-public/module-catalog-sample-data-venia.git
adding composer repository [email protected]:PMET-public/module-configurable-sample-data-venia.git
adding composer repository [email protected]:PMET-public/module-customer-sample-data-venia.git
adding composer repository [email protected]:PMET-public/module-sales-sample-data-venia.git
adding composer repository [email protected]:PMET-public/module-tax-sample-data-venia.git
adding composer repository [email protected]:PMET-public/sample-data-media-venia.git
Repository type is not registered: github

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!


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I also faced same issue. After so much trouble and research I found that while we run bash deployVeniaSampleData.sh command, Magento tries to find authentication from github.

Please follow below steps to resolve your issue:

1) Copy auth.json.sample file placed on Magento root directory and paste it on same place.

2) Rename auth.json(copy).sample file to auth.json and open it in your editor.

3) Login to Magento Marketplace. If you don’t have an account, click Register.

3.1) Click your account name in the top-right of the page and select My Profile.

3.2) Click Access Keys in the Marketplace tab.

3.3) Click Create a New Access Key. Enter a specific name for the keys (e.g., the name of the developer receiving the keys) and click OK.

3.4) New public and private keys are now associated with your account that you can click to copy. Save this information or keep the page open when working with your Magento project. Use the Public key as your username and the Private key as your password.

4) Login to GitHub account.

4.1) Click your account name in the top-right of the page and select Settings.

4.2) Click on Developer Settings tab at the last in left sidebar.

4.3) Click on Personal access token tab and create your access token. You will get access token which you have to put as value of github.com in auth.json.

5) Run php bin/magento cache:flush command

6) Run bash deployVeniaSampleData.sh command

I hope this may helpful to everyone!!


This may happen due to incompatible composer version. Please upgrade your composer to latest version using below code.

composer self-update

And then try again executing the command.


Edit deployVeniaSampleData.sh search for "--no-interactive-mode" and remove it. Run bash deployVeniaSampleData.sh again. Now it will ask you for your github token.

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