I want use the advanced pricing set different price for different website.I have multiple websites,but in advanced pricing setting from I can just select one website——All Websites.Why? How can I fix it? Thanks very much.

enter image description here

actuary I have multiple websites enter image description here

  • by the way,My version is 2.2.6 – lin Jun 3 at 7:44

You have change price attribute setting to Website from global.

Goto admin>Stores>Configuration>Catalog>Catalog>Price.

Then change the field's Catalog Price Scope to Website.

After that Don't forget to Do Cache flush and indexing.

enter image description here

  • thanks for responde,I tried that,but in that way, I can just set normal price,and can not add tier price any more.I prefer to use tier price,can I do that? – lin Jun 3 at 7:48
  • my bad, it's shown now,thanks very much – lin Jun 3 at 7:52
  • what was the problem cache or indexing? – Amit Bera Jun 3 at 7:55
  • yes,most likely is the indexing,thanks a lot – lin Jun 3 at 8:56

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