we recently launched a new website and in doing so have lost access to the old admin site. Both sites are using Magento 1 and we used to access the old site on the following URL, https://www.alltank.co.uk/index.php/manage

Now that takes you to a 404 on the new site and I don't know how to get back to the new one?

New site is on AWS

Old site is on Freethought

  • Do both websites point to the same domain name? Commented May 31, 2019 at 12:11

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I recommend asking whoever did the migration to create a subdomain and put your old site on there.

archive.alltank.co.uk or whatever.

Although I'm assuming they've still got the old files and database. You need to have a chat with the developer and/or host.


if you need this only for temporary backend access, you can simply create hosts record on your pc:

on windows:


for better management you can use notepad++ , open hosts file and add this record:

## old_ip_address custom_domain_name www.oldalltank.co.uk

save it.

change your domain name in old magento and old server.

but if you need it for long time work, you can simply change your old base url to - IP ADDRESS.

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