The official docs say this.

Revertable data patch - A patch that can be reverted as a module or patch is uninstalled or deleted.

I know that Revertable patches must implement Magento\Framework\Setup\Patch\PatchRevertableInterface and when a module is un-installed the logic in the revert() method is called.

How can one revert a Patch without uninstalling the module

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Apparently the docs are incorrect|confusing. There is another page in the docs that clearly states

Magento does not allow you to revert a particular module data patch


vitoriodachef is indeed correct, unfortunately there is no CLI command available to undo a data patch.

Depending on what kind of data patch you have made the quickest way is to call the revert() function from your patch:

//..patch class

    public function apply(): void
        return; // (optional, to only execute revert and not patch)

        //...your patch code

    public function revert(): void
        //...your revert code

If you have already executed your patch before then run the following query so that when you run bin/magento setup:upgrade --keep-generated your patch is executed again

DELETE FROM patch_list 
    WHERE patch_name LIKE '%Vendor\Module%' 
    ORDER BY patch_id DESC 
    LIMIT 1;

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