I'm trying to update custom option values using the Import/export function. I have exported products as CSV and edited the values in custom_options column. When I try to import the spreadsheet back into the store, I'm getting the following error:

This name is already being used for custom option. Please enter a different name. in row(s): 2, 3, 9, 11, 12...

Here's an example cell from my spreadsheet's custom_options column:

name=Select Model,type=drop_down,required=1,price=0.0000,price_type=fixed,
option_title=Model A|name=Select Model,type=drop_down,required=1,price=0.0000,
image_size_x=0,image_size_y=0,option_title=Model B

This is an example of a drop-down custom option that allows the user to choose between two models. I can see that name of 'Select Model' is there twice which seems to cause the error, but that's how the custom options are displayed when exported from the store.

I have a lot of custom options to edit, so I'm hoping to find way around this issue.

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