During php bin/magento indexer:reindex

   SQLSTATE[40001]: Serialization failure: 1213 Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction, query was: INSERT INTO `catalog_category_product_index` (`category_id`, `product_id`, `position`, `is_parent`, `store_id`, `visibility`) SELECT `cc`.`entity_id` AS `category_id`, `ccp`.`product_id`, ccp.position + 10000 AS `position`, 0 AS `is_parent`, 18 AS `store_id`, IFNULL(cpvs.value, cpvd.value) AS `visibility` FROM `catalog_category_entity` AS `cc`
     INNER JOIN `temp_catalog_category_tree_index_2843287b` AS `cc2` ON cc2.parent_id = cc.entity_id AND cc.entity_id NOT IN (1)
     INNER JOIN `catalog_category_product` AS `ccp` ON ccp.category_id = cc2.child_id
     INNER JOIN `catalog_product_entity` AS `cpe` ON ccp.product_id = cpe.entity_id
     INNER JOIN `catalog_product_website` AS `cpw` ON cpw.product_id = ccp.product_id
     INNER JOIN `catalog_product_entity_int` AS `cpsd` ON cpsd.entity_id = cpe.entity_id AND cpsd.store_id = 0 AND cpsd.attribute_id = 97
     LEFT JOIN `catalog_product_entity_int` AS `cpss` ON cpss.entity_id = cpe.entity_id AND cpss.attribute_id = cpsd.attribute_id AND cpss.store_id = 18
     INNER JOIN `catalog_product_entity_int` AS `cpvd` ON cpvd.entity_id = cpe. entity_id AND cpvd.store_id = 0 AND cpvd.attribute_id = 99
     LEFT JOIN `catalog_product_entity_int` AS `cpvs` ON cpvs.entity_id = cpe.entity_id AND cpvs.attribute_id = cpvd.attribute_id AND cpvs.store_id = 18
     INNER JOIN `catalog_category_entity_int` AS `ccad` ON ccad.entity_id = cc.entity_id AND ccad.store_id = 0 AND ccad.attribute_id = 54
     LEFT JOIN `catalog_category_entity_int` AS `ccas` ON ccas.entity_id = cc.entity_id AND ccas.attribute_id = ccad.attribute_id AND ccas.store_id = 18 WHERE (cpw.website_id = '1') AND (IFNULL(cpss.value, cpsd.value) = 1) AND (IFNULL(cpvs.value, cpvd.value) IN (2, 3, 4)) AND (IFNULL(ccas.value, ccad.value) = 1) ORDER BY `cc`.`entity_id` ASC
     LIMIT 31500 OFFSET 500 ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `category_id` = VALUES(`category_id`), `product_id` = VALUES(`product_id`), `position` = VALUES(`position`), `is_parent` = VALUES(`is_parent`), `store_id` = VALUES(`store_id`), `visibility` = VALUES(`visibility`)

I try:

Still the same issue. Any other solution?


sometimes help to edit cron_schedule table in DB to set all records to valid, to avoid automatic restart of indexer (you need to catch the moment when current job finish and there is invalid after working state) than use fix from the link you mentioned and reindex (ideally from the command line)

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