i want to import downloadable products, which have multiple sample_links and downloadable_links, My Magento app is multi store site. like i have 7 multistore/multilingual, each product belongs to different or same stores the title and description of each product is different with each store. so once import a single product i am doing like this: sample code

So how can i add the sample_links and downloadable_links for downloadable products?

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you can add downloadableinfo array in your importdata like below:

                'group_title'=>'Downloadable links title',
                'title'=>'Link title 1'];

                foreach ($currentStores as $currentStore){

                    $importData[] = [
                        'sku'  => $sku,
                        'name'  => $name,
                        'price'  => $price,
                        'description'  => $description,
                        'product_type' => $product_type,
                        'store_view_code' => $currentStore['code'],
  • this doesnot works, how should we add if there are more than 1 downloadable links and what about the sample links?
    – Ahmad Wali
    Jun 10, 2019 at 8:03

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