I have a problem in my customer panel myorder tab. In my order i see price 12,125.0000 and QTY: 5.0000 how should i remove decimal from them? it is just in my order and methods that i used is like below:


All of them has 4 decimal like this 0.0000 Any help?

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Remove All Decimals :-

$rowTotal = (int)$_item->getRowTotalInclTax(); //12,125
$qtyOrdered = (int)$_item->getQtyOrdered(); //5

You can use number_format function of PHP to achieve this.

Below is the basic syntax of number_format function:

  • number: Required. The number to be formatted. If no other parameters are set, the number will be formatted without decimals and with comma (,) as the thousands separator.
  • decimals: Optional. Specifies how many decimals. If this parameter is set, the number will be formatted with a dot (.) as decimal point
  • decimalpoint: Optional. Specifies what string to use for decimal point
  • separator: Optional. Specifies what string to use for thousands separator. Only the first character of separator is used. For example, "xxx" will give the same output as "x"

For example: If you write

echo number_format("1000000", 2, ".", "");

It will output like 1000000.00

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