I have a product black-jacket under the category men->tops when i click on men the url is like http://magento2/men/black-jacket.html and if i click on tops under the men then the url is http://magento2/men/tops/black-jackets.html i want the url like http://magento2/tops/black-jacket.html on the click of both the menu in magento 2. please suggest me, i tried to do it with url-rewrites.


Please do try with this option : setting up the search engine optimization settings by configuration / catalog / catalogenter image description here

As shown in the picture, Use Categories Path for Product URLs to No

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  • Yes, i know this. it will remove all categories from the url but i want to show the subcategory in the url – Nitin Mishra May 29 '19 at 4:06

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