I got into a strange issue. I noticed some products were displayed in wrong categories. I first thought it was some mistakes made by me or my colleagues when adding/editing products, so I edited those products to select the correct categories. But such wrong categories are keeping coming back. For example, consider these categories:

- Linen
    - Duvet
    - Pillow
- Decoration
    - Photo frame
    - Candle holder

Product A is in Linen, Pillow and Candle holder. I edit it to remove Candle holder, save it and everything is correct. But it is not impossible that in the future I will find the category Candle holder back selected for that product.

I Googled this strange behaviour and found only once similar issue on this blog: http://barrycarlyon.co.uk/wordpress/2015/04/27/magento-products-showing-in-the-wrong-category/ but it seems not totally relevant to my problem.

Do you guys have any idea what's going on? I'm running Magento 1.9 with a catalog of around 6000 products and dozens if not hundreds of products are in this situation.

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