I'm new to magento. The problem that I have is that I want to modify the template of a transactional email.

It's basically a return that I want the customer to receive a different email if the return is "rejected" or "approved".

I tried to modify the code with an if but realize that it doesn't let me compare strings. Only it says if the variable is TRUE or FALSE

{{if order.delivery_time=="10"}} is not possible.

I can't touch the code because it has a comment that says that if the Magento version gets updated, the file will be completely overwritten.

So, I thought about creating a block, which I don't have a clear understanding on how to do it.

I think it is something like this...

{{block type="cms/block" block_id="this_block" template="cms/content.phtml"}}

But my question is.... What should I write in the template section? and what about the block id section?

I'm sorry but I'm a begginer. If you give me a hint, I'll be very grateful.


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In your example:

{{block type="cms/block" block_id="this_block" template="cms/content.phtml"}}

Where type is the required attribute. cms/block, cms reffers to app/code/core/Mage/Cms/Block and block reffers to Block class. So for cms/block, actual class is app/code/core/Mage/Cms/Block/Block. template is the output phtml template location. block_id reffers to, you can access this value inside block class or corresponding phtml template class using


If you open following class:


Check following code snippet:

 * Prepare Content HTML
 * @return string
protected function _toHtml()
    $blockId = $this->getBlockId();
    $html = '';
    if ($blockId) {
        $block = Mage::getModel('cms/block')
        if ($block->getIsActive()) {
            /* @var $helper Mage_Cms_Helper_Data */
            $helper = Mage::helper('cms');
            $processor = $helper->getBlockTemplateProcessor();
            $html = $processor->filter($block->getContent());
    return $html;

$blockId = $this->getBlockId(); take the block id and loaded cms block.

Now open following the corresponding template: app/design/frontend/base/default/template/cms/content.phtml

  • THANK very much! I don't have my PC here, but I'll try tomorrow as soon as I can. As I said, I'm very new to the Magento world. Where should I write the code? Let's say that I want to add an IF statement, where should I put it? What file? what part? THANKS again!!!
    – dragon25
    Commented May 26, 2019 at 11:42
  • I'm using Magento 1.9 I forgot to clarify
    – dragon25
    Commented May 26, 2019 at 11:43

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