I want to install stripe payment gateway in my localhost, for my testing purpose. Is there any way exists to download stripe payment extension for testing purpose.

Thanks in advance.


Not sure about downloading in the localhost, but I found this video a useful tutorial for integrating Stripe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoUBLxKa0pQ

  • Thanks for your response, In this video he got Strip Payment from Magenest. They are not providing any trial version for testing purpose. – Sakthivel May 25 '19 at 8:08

you can use Stripe official Magento 2 extension:

Stripe Payments https://marketplace.magento.com/stripeofficial-stripe-payments.html

install Magento 2 extension as root:

cd /home/magento/shop/
su $(stat -c '%U' index.php) -s /bin/bash
composer require stripe/stripe-php
composer require stripeofficial/stripe-payments

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