When i search by full name of product the result in grid of product does not show the product. So is there a problem to fix and how to make search by sku product functionnal any help please and thanks in advance

  • where are you trying, it frontend or admin section product catalog grid ? – Shekhar Suman May 24 at 11:40
  • of course Backend how can i make the sku a fullindex text so that when i tab the sku of product it will load the product directly – Developper Magento May 24 at 12:04
  • In product catalog grid click on Filter button then put sku in sku input field and apply filter. – Shekhar Suman May 24 at 13:08
  • but he just show me all the product that begin with this sku because i have product that have a common begin of sku – Developper Magento May 24 at 13:22
  • Can you provide some example search terms? – Dominic Xigen May 24 at 14:16

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