I have not received invoice email after placing order.

Magento version : 2.2.2 & 2.3.0

Checked in these Payment Methods : Authorize.net & Zero subtotal Checkout

Expected result:

  1. Order Created

  2. Email with order information send.

  3. Invoice Created

  4. Email with invoice information send

Actual Result

Order Created <- working

Email with order information send. <- working

Invoice Created <- working

Email with invoice information is not send <- not working.

For Zero subtotal Checkout payment method settings follow below steps:

Enable zero subtotal checkout.

  1. Set new order status to processing.
  2. Create a cart rule with 100% rebate and free shipping.
  3. Place order with coupon code & free shipping method.
  4. Check order detail in admin Invoice was generated but email not received.

From back-end when send email button clicked manually in Invoice view page - proper email invoice received.

Same issue happen will Authorize.net Direct Post payment method,

set Payment action as Authorize & Capture,

new Order status as Processing ,

so while place an order with authorize.net

order placed successfully

order email was also received

Invoice generated properly

but invoice email not received.

If anyone have any idea please let me know.

Thanks in Advance..!!!

  • In magento for Zero subtotal Checkout, in order to send the mail once invoice are generated you need to trigger it manually. – aravind May 23 at 13:03
  • @aravind, okay and what about Authorize.net Direct Post payment method invoice email issue ? – Nayan Baraiya May 24 at 5:25
  • what is the option you have set in "Payment action" field in backend? It should be "Authorize and Capture" – aravind May 24 at 5:49
  • Yes Payment action set as "Authorize and Capture" and also New Order Status set as "Processing". – Nayan Baraiya May 24 at 6:07

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