Let's say that we have the following categories:

  • Category A (60 products)
    • Subcategory A1 (20 products)
    • Subcategroy A2 (40 products)

Products are assigned only to Subcategories A1 and A2, but they are also listed in parent Category A.

Sorting on Category A in frontend seems to work this way:

If custom attribute is the selected as sorting option, then we get

a) products of Subategory A1, sorted


b) products of Subategory A2, sorted

This is not the right way to sort products in a parent category. How can I change that?

  • Then you need to push those products from two categories into a single collection and finally sort that collection.. – aravind May 23 at 12:03
  • Sorting using other attributes, like price, works ok. I think that this issue has to do with the custom attribute used for sorting – zekia May 23 at 12:17
  • And I'm not using a custom collection. This about the default sorting mechanism of magento in frontend category listing – zekia May 23 at 12:29

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