I've a client with a request for a coupon that seems to have hit a restriction in what magento can actually do.

We have products that are normal price and 'special price'/sale items.

The coupon needs a condition where it will only work if there is more than $99 in the cart of 'non sale products' / so standard products only.

However I cannot work out how to set a condition to do that. It seems the cart total 'condition attribute' cant be set to only count 'normal price items' and ignore special price products when calculating the total.

The problem is, people are able to put a normal product ($70.00) in their cart and then perhaps add a sale item that is listed at sale price ($50 / normal price $80)

This takes their cart total to : $120, with the current condition set, the condition is valid as the cart is over $99 requirement.

The problem is, the cart is 'not' over $99 of normal product total, its only $70.

How can I set it so the cart total is calculated on standard items only?

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