Hi I am currently doing a fresh install of magento 2.3.1 as our last dev really fucked up the 2.1.5 environment.

I'm working on importing products at the moment but can't for the life of me seem to be able to update the dimensions.


AFAIK our dimensional attributes were made in magento admin as there was no such default.

In 2.3.1 they have magento default attribute codes of:




so when i export the product info to csv from 2.1.5, they appear in additional_attributes and not their own column like SKU does.

i have filtered and replace my dimensional attribute codes so that they match 2.3.1 but they don't seem to import because they are still under the additional_attributes column.

One solution i can think of is using a formula in excel/libreoffice calc if possible but i have very little knowledge on spreadsheet apps.

Any ideas out there?

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