I have a running live instance of Magento 1.7. I am trying to setup a local dev env. Below is what I've done so far:

  • Copy the project from server

  • Import a dump of the database

  • Edit local.xml with proper DB credentials

  • Update core_config_data with new urls

  • Run magento_cleanup (which properly sets rules, clean cache)

After those steps, the website is running but some pages are not properly rendered.

When I check the logs, it comes that pages with modules aren't rendered correctly. I have some "Invalid blocks" exceptions. Magento is looking for the blocks with "Mage" namespaces while the blocks are custom and have other namespaces.

Similar issues:

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  • Already done for my modules

Magento tries to Load module from wrong namespace/company

  • I am quite sure it isn't a case sensitivity issue.. My server is running PHP 5.6.17 while I am running PHP 5.6.40. Could it matter ?

My modules are listed on the backend however.



Could be a filename case issue. For example, confirm that if you have a class like the following: Vendor_Extension_Block_Test is saved as Test.php with capital T. If lowercase t you will see block not found. Same with controllers eg IndexController.php etc

  • Oops. You edited question as I was replying. – Dominic Xigen May 22 at 12:41
  • My bad, sorry.. I have checked it again and it's fine with the file names and the classes on modules config. – Vidushan Chooriyakumaran May 22 at 12:46

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