I have multiple items in my order. How can I add item status and its tracking information for that order in My Account Orders?

I am using this to get orders

$_orders = $block->getOrders();

And for order status I do


How to get the item status and its tracking information.

enter image description here

Like I have to show the

1) item status which I have hardcoded right now as Shipped and

2) item tracking information.

I have found Item.php which have this function

public function getStatus()
    return $this->getStatusName($this->getStatusId());

Is this php class ? How can I call this function in my phtml?


You can get the status of each individual item using the following:

foreach ($_order->getAllItems() as $item) {
    echo $item->getStatus();

Please change



  • is $_order->getStatus() for item status ? – summu May 22 '19 at 11:20
  • @summu, Two items are from same order? try above code and check once, what you are getting? – jafar pinjar May 22 '19 at 11:21
  • yes and i need status for both items as well, item level status – summu May 22 '19 at 11:22
  • I am getting order status on both item level status. – summu May 22 '19 at 11:30
  • @summu, is it fine or issue? – jafar pinjar May 22 '19 at 11:36

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