I created a custom widget. Now I want it to display into the specific product page. Example I have Product 1 and Product 2. I want my custom widget to display in Product 1 but not in Product 2. How can I achieve this? It seems that going to the admin->catalog->product and selecting the product does not work because there are no option to select the widget I want. What will be the best or correct approach to do this?

Note: My widget displays a form and I want that form to only display to a specific product. Is this possible? If so how?


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I think you can set it on Widget's Storefront Properties.
You click on Add Layout UpdatesDisplay on, then choose All Product Types then select Specific Products
From there set the product where you want your widget to be visible or available

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    Wow thanks dude really save me here. May 22, 2019 at 6:15

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