I have turned on the feature in Magento that shows only x remaining when the stock is less than 5 which works fine.

However on products that are set to stock manage = no, it's showing there's only 0 left which isn't true as it's set to not stock manage.

I've found it's bringing it in because of this function $block->isMsgVisible() in module-catalog-inventory

When I look at that function it's simply doing the following

    public function isMsgVisible()
    return $this->getStockQty() > 0
        && $this->getStockQtyLeft() > 0
        && $this->getStockQtyLeft() <= $this->getThresholdQty();

Which doesn't take into consideration the fact it's set to stock manage = no.

How would I add in a check to see if it's stock manage = yes or no? I've tried a couple of things with no luck.

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From the description and linked code snipped it seems that this case was not accounted for during the development.

I've created a ticket for MSI to verify this behavior in different setups, fix it, and cover with manual / automated tests: https://github.com/magento-engcom/msi/issues/2299

  • thanks @eugene I'll keep an eye on that ticket Jun 5, 2019 at 7:15

was you able to find the solution for this issue? In my case we have MSI enabled & for products set with Manage-stock as false, its always showing product is OOS on PDP

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