I am trying to import products in Magento2.2.5 Products have many categories : e.g Default Category/A1/A2/A3, Default Category/B1/B2/B3

When i check the product configuration, the product only has A3 and B3 checked as categories when it should have all the following categories checked for the product:

Default Category Default Category/A1 Default Category/A1/A2 Default Category/A1/A2/A3

Default Category/B1 Default Category/B1/B2 Default Category/B1/B2/B3

Let me know the solution for adding parent categories checked on child categories


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In your csv check column categories

you have just added Default Category/A1/A2/A3 instead of

Default Category/A1, Default Category/A1/A2 ,Default Category/A1/A2/A3

If you want to get better idea please check in vanila magento:

export only any simple product parent category Gear and child category is Bags.

you can got the solution of your problem.

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