how can I change "AED - United Arab Emirates Dirham" to "AED - UAE Dirham" in Luma currency switcher?

I created en_US.csv file in my custom theme > i18n folder and added "united Arab Emirates" in the 1st column and "UAE" in the 2nd column. But still not working.

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Override currency.phtml file in your theme


Change line number 35

<?= $block->escapeHtml($_code) ?> - <?= $block->escapeHtml($_name) ?>


<?= __($block->escapeHtml($_code)) ?> - <?= __($block->escapeHtml($_name)) ?>

Create app/design/frontend/{vendore}/{theme}/i18n/en_US.csv file and write below code

"United Arab Emirates Dirham","UAE Dirham"

Change line number 28

<?= $block->escapeHtml($currentCurrencyCode) ?> - <?= @$block->escapeHtml($currencies[$currentCurrencyCode]) ?>


<?= __($block->escapeHtml($currentCurrencyCode)) ?> - <?= __(@$block->escapeHtml($currencies[$currentCurrencyCode])) ?>

I hope it's useful for you.

  • It worked. but only for currency drop down. after select "UAE - Dirham" from dropdown, "AED - United Arab Emirates Dirham" remains on top. how to apply for both places? – Chathura May 21 at 10:51
  • Please check I update the ans. – Sweety Masmiya May 21 at 11:14
  • Yes now it's working. thank you so much :) – Chathura May 21 at 11:18
  • If my ans is useful than please give right. So another person also helpful. – Sweety Masmiya May 21 at 11:31

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