I am trying to use an existing image from one SKU and add it to another SKU. For example:

SKU0 -> Image uploaded via Admin
SKU1 -> Copy image details from SKU0 to SKU1 via API

I've tried using a PUT request to endpoint https://www.domain.com/rest/V1/products/SKU1 with input:

"product"=> [
    "sku" => "SKU1,
    "media_gallery_entries" => [
            "id" => "id of image from SKU0",
            "media_type" => "image",
            "label" => "label",
            "position" => 1,
            "disabled" => false,
            "types" => ["image"],
            "file" => "filename_sku0.jpg"

The above is also described in another example How to add product image when creating via rest api?

But I keep getting error The image content is invalid. Verify the content and try again." So I've tried adding:

"content" => [
                "base64_encoded_data" => 'encoded string here',
                "type" => "image/jpeg",
                "name" => "name of SKU0.jpg"

But all this does is duplicates the same image which is what I'm trying to avoid. Does anyone know a way of using the same image for multiple SKUS via API?


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