I have Magento 2.3.1 setup and multiple products,

When I am trying to create a new product with the same name, it is allowed me to create the product with the same name but the 'Inventory Sources' become blank.

after saving the same name product it removes the 'Inventory Sources' which are assigned to product on the product add form.

==> One more thing I found " If I use different SKU on product save then it will save the Inventory Sources as well ".

==> But if we use the same SKU for the product it will save the product and change the SKU by itself with adding '-1' after SKU but this way it won't save the Inventory Sources.

Is anyone have the same issue?


Issue you described may be caused by changing the SKU. Inventory in Magento 2.3.1 is using product SKU as a natural identifier, therefore changing the product's SKU may cause problems with quantities.

There is an interesting conversation on the subject in one of the tickets on MSI repository: https://github.com/magento-engcom/msi/issues/2001

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