I can update existing cart values:

$item = $quote->getItemById($itemId);

But this only works if the option already exists, e.g. an unchecked checkmark custom option will not be included in the item options when adding the product to cart. I tried adding the options with $item->addOption() but that doesn't work because the option is not included in the $item->getProduct()->getCustomOptions(), and trying to add the custom option there also modifies the actual product instead of just the cart item product.

Is there a way to add an existing custom option to an existing cart item without removing and re-adding the item?

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Spent 2 days trying to figure this out and of course I find the answer an hour after asking a question:

        $buyRequest = $this->serializer->unserialize($item->getOptionByCode('info_buyRequest')->getValue());
        $buyRequest['options'][$code] = $value;
        $quote->updateItem($itemId, $buyRequest);

Using the $quote->updateItem() method with an updated info_buyRequest pushes the update to the cart product as well.


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