The Swiftotter Magento developer Study guide states concerning Observers:

Event data should be able to be stored and then run in a queue at a later time.

Is this correct? Do I really have to assume that my events observers are ran in a asynchronous way at a later time?


Depends how you look at it. Magento is (MySQL) transactional which means things are getting queued whilst tables are locked. They are then processed in a first come first serves basis when locks are released. Observers would also work on this basis. I don't believe community edition has anything more complex then that. I've read about enterprise edition having what's essentially a worker queue. But I think in this context that's what they mean.


I also found this now in the dev docs:


14.1. All values (including objects) passed to an event MUST NOT be modified in the event observer. Instead, plugins SHOULD BE used for modifying the input or output of a function.

So I think if we follow this rule, events could really be executed asynchronously.

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