Hi all! I recently wanted to migrate my store in magento 1 to magento 2, but once I finished the migration, there is a plugin that starts to fail. That plugin that is failing is "Transbank" with the payment method of "WebPay". It is a store for Chile. The problem is that in the moment I proceed to pay, and webpay begins to process the payment, I immediately get the following error:

The Logs Says, that the token is envalid, but i dont know why

When I check the webpay logs in the administrator, I get an error telling me that the token is invalid.

Just when I get that error that you see in the image, and if the page is refreshed from that error, then immediately proceed to the page of success, telling me that the payment has been successful, and even generates me, the report of the purchase. But why does it generate that error?

I would like them to help me, I have reviewed a lot, and I think it has to do with migration, I do not know what may be failing. If you can help me, I thank you a lot.

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