I don't want to display the credit card details on invoice PDF.

How can I achieve this programmatically? In which file should I do the modification?

Pleaseenter image description here check the attached image

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You can do it by pluginize or Overwrite.


Change the template and modify there which field you want to hide.

 * Render as PDF
 * @return string
public function toPdf()
    return $this->toHtml();

This is not tested code.


I have found the answer of above question

Need to change the $payment variable output in below file:


1) just debug the $payment variable and check the output... line # 434

2) then when you draw the output then check for the foreach output. line #530

you can exclude the details of credit card by modifying the code from above two sections mentioned lines

  • but modify the code in core file is not a good idea. Feb 25, 2020 at 7:40

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