I have Mage 1.9 with my custom module installed. I have checked that the function


return wrong url with admin path. We also use a custom path for the admin area. This is my config.xml

                            <Mymodule_Mymodule before="Mage_Adminhtml">Mymodule_Mymodule_Adminhtml</Mymodule_Mymodule>


Now, calling Mage::getUrl('mymodule/api/users/1') from admin area return this url:


Can anyone help?


I am not sure to understand what you are trying to achieve but you should look at the getUrl method definition : app/code/core/Mage/Core/Block/Abstract.php:1001.

The first param of this method should be the 'route' : i.e ỳour_router_name/your_controller_name/your_action_name. And if you want to pass param, it should be as an array in the second param of the getUrl method.

Something like : Mage::getUrl('mymodule/api/your_action_name', array('users'=>1)).

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