How can i Insert, Update values in existing custom table and Select values with Magento methods not sql requests ?


If you have model for your custom table then you do all these stuffs in the below way

Try this,

Di method :

Inject your model in your constructor

 protected function __construct(
 \Vendor\ModuleName\Model\ModelName $customTable,
   $this->customTable = $customTable;

then on your execute function from controller

  // insert
  $model = $this->customTable->create();
  // update
  $model = $this->customTable->create();

  $model->setField_Name('values to be stored');

In order to get collection

$model = $this->customTable->create()->getCollection();
foreach($model as $item){
    echo $item->getFiledName();      

For more information Get custom table information

Save values into custom table

Hope this helps.

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    Yes! Prathap Gunasekaran thank you for good information! – Robinio May 16 '19 at 14:35

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