I have face some issue How can i resolve it ?

I have try to use multiple xampp for use multiple versions of php

like php5.6, php7.0., php7.1., php7.2., php7.3.

So i have install portable versions of xampp

  • D:\xampp56
  • D:\xampp70
  • D:\xampp71
  • D:\xampp72

I have change DocumentRoot inside

httpd.conf from the location D:/xampp*/apache/conf





But i have facing some Error in Magento 2 installation

'' return 'success:false'

Now how can i resolve it ?

  • you have to run them on a different port – fmsthird May 16 at 9:42
  • @magefms how can i do in windows ? – Bhavesh Prajapati May 16 at 9:43

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