I have Product relation like below.

Product A - Catalog Search

Product Test1 - Not visible Individually

Product Test2 - Not visible Individually

Once Product A is added to cart,

I am taking the sum of (Test1 + Test1) price and setting the custom price for Product A.

The setting custom price is working fine. This is the code used to set custom price in my controller

    $_product = //Product Object created by id
    $productItem = $this->getProductQuote($_product);               
            //Enable super mode on the product.

My issue is, I need to apply tax amount for the product programmatically.

I have created two tax Group.

SAMPLE1 Rate 10%

SAMPLE2 Rate 20%

Product Test1 Tax Class is => SAMPLE1

Product Test2 Tax Class is => SAMPLE2

So when Product A added to the cart, I need to get the tax rate for each product based on the product tax class and set custom tax like i set the custom price before.

Can anyone help me how to achieve this functionality please.

Thank you.

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