Its a bit of a complicated Situation at a Clients Magento (1.9) Store.

Products are generated programmatically by an Interface to a bigger Managementsystem for Goods.

Most Products are Clothes with Size and Color as configurable Attributes. The Interface is from a third Party Developer and not easily to change. I am now Asked to do the following:

Example Shirt: Colors: Red, Blue and Green and each in Size S, M and L

State now: Product is shown as one Configurable Item in the Categorie View.

new State: 3 Products (Shirt Red, Shirt Blue and Shirt Green) each as a configurable Product with the Sizes.

It should be Achieved WITHOUT removing and readding all Products. I think this is not Possible. My Clients talks about a former Setting where the Products have been seperated.

Has anyone an Idea where i am wrong and this possible?

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