I seem to be having trouble disabling modules on my M2 2.3.1 store. Example: I had installed the CommerceBug development module but wanted to test my site without it so I ran module:disable Company_Commercebug.

Magento reported that the module was disabled. (I then ran the usual setup:upgrade, deleted all cache/generated/static directories and cleared all redis caches), but I found that the module was still outputting its CSS and JS files via the frontend.

This behaviour only stopped when I uninstalled the module using module:uninstall.

There is a good explanation of what module:uninstall does in the Magento Dev Docs but there is not an equivalent explanation for module:disable.

So what does module:disable actually do? Is it meant to prevent CSS/JS/etc. from being included? How does it differ from "Disable module output" in the admin panel?

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When you run php bin/magento module:disable Company_Commercebug, It will disable the module in app/etc/config.php

return [
    'Company_Commercebug' => 0,

So once your extension will be disabled, you need to remove it's statis using below process:

Remove following :

pub/static - Do not delete .htaccess

Now run: php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy using -f if you are in developer mode.

Alternativally, you can also use below command, it will create it's static content:

php bin/magento module:disable Company_Commercebug --clear-static-content

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